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Audio Interface and AD/DA Convertors:

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Gen 4

Cranborne 500ADAT AD/DA 500 Series Module Rack

Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT 500-Series Rack

Burl B2 Bomber Analog/Digital Converter



Sound Skulptor Handmade MP5.66 Tube Pre

2x Handmade Sound Skulptor MP573 "Neve Style" Pre's with Carnhill Transformers

2x Handmade Sound Skulptor EQ573II "Neve Style" EQ's inserted between input and output stages of MP573


DIYRE CP5 "Colour" Pre with 5 different color modules

Hairball Lola Pre with custom-built Op-Amps2x

Bart HRK's Pre's with "Colour" Modules for saturation and taste

3x CAPI VP28

AML "Neve Style" 1073


WARM Audio WA87 R2 Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57's 

Shure Beta 91A

Shure 52A

Rode M5's Matched Pair 

Compressors and Dynamics Control:

BAX Mastering Equalizer

SSL Fusion Stereo Mastering Analog Color Hardware

Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

2x Stereo Pair Sound Skulptor LA502 "LA-2A/LA-3A Style" Opto Comps

DIYRE OLA5 Opto Compressor

DIYRE SSL Style Bus Compressor

_WesAudio Rhea Stereo Vari-mu Compressor

_WesAudio Prometheus Pultec Style Stereo/MS Equalizer

Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor with "British Mode"

Heritage Audio Successor Bus Compressor

Effects and Sound Design:

2x Louder than Liftoff Saturation and Filter "Colour modules"

Assorted DIYRE and Bart HRK API-style, Neve-style, US Pentode and API-style modules

2X Sound Skulptor TS500 Analog Tape Saturators

Sound Skulptor EQP 501 "Pultec Style" Equalizer

TX Electronic M-One XL Effects Rack Unit 

SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Stereo Mastering Grade Tube Exciter

DAW's and Plugin Suites:

Logic Pro



Plugin Alliance Mix and Master Suite

Izotope Music Production Suite

Slate Digital All-Access Suite

UAD Spark Suite

STL Amp Hub all-amps bundle

SoundToys 5

FabFilter Suite

AutoTune Unlimited

Waves Platinum Suite - Including Chris Lord-Alge Plugin Suite, Manny Marroquin Plugin Suite, Andrew Schepps Suite and Other Industry-standard professional software suites

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