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...For the love of music...

...And even more so, working on music. 

Beef Studios is the brainchild of  Tal Spirer, a seasoned software industry executive who after nearly 17 years in the corporate world, decided to follow his passion for music recording and mix engineering. 

With a modest budget and an infinite amount of passion and workhours - Beef Studios was launched in mid-2021 with the vision of becoming what Tal always wished he had during his years in corporate world - a partner to aspiring musicians and "9 to 5'ers" alike. 


Tal has an affinity for diving into sessions, lifting up the elements that need to be lifted up, balancing and enhancing tracks gently without destroying the artist's original intentions, and glueing it all together using a plethora of the analog and digital tools at Beef's disposal. 

Our measure for success starts with an emphasis on attention to detail, close and communicative working relationship, and of course making sure that everyone enjoys themselves throughout the entirety of the creative processes.

Looking forward to hopefully working together soon!

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